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    Devin Gleeson

  • My Big Question

    I am driven by the question: "What might happen to the world if more of us were truly lit up?"


    When I say "lit up," I mean:


    ...lit up with purpose.

    ...turned on and fed by the work we do.

    ...electrified in our relationships.

    ...inspired to give ourselves to the world however we can.

    ...sparkling with aliveness.

    ...awake in all 5 of our bodies.


    Asking this question breaks my heart for three reasons:


    1) Because when people are lit up, the

    possibilities for more LOVE, more CREATION,



    are ENDLESS.


    2) Because beginning the process of "lighting up"

    is SO easy and SO within reach.


    3) Because our world habituates us to believe

    that being "lit up" in this way is unreasonable,

    unrealistic, unimportant, naive, cute, impractical,

    childish, and a luxury.


    I think that's BS.


    My current project is to create as many spaces and relationships as I can where #1 and #2 can be more easily realized and #3 can fade into irrelevance. Right now, this work happens most frequently in 1:1 coaching sessions, group workshops/online series, and my writings.


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    When the bottom is on its way… When your strategies and ways of being that once worked so well cease to work at all… When the job you’ve tolerated gets intolerable, when the hunger you’ve hidden becomes unhideable, when the torsion of being a particular version of you becomes untenable… When...
    At the age of 27, I realized something quite insane: It had been five years since I’d made a new friend. This realization struck painfully one day as I sat at the kitchen table in my apartment, alone after work. FIVE years. Could that be true? It was accompanied by a second blow: Even the...
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