• About Devin Gleeson

    I am a Possibility Management Coach, Expand The Box Trainer-In-Training, and Spaceholder for Rage Club, Fear Club, and Gremlin Transformation work.


    I deliver authentic Adulthood initiatory processes. Why? Because modern culture provides no clear pathway into authentic Adulthood. As a result, most “adults” remain at the cusp of initiation, living lives that are not really their own, working for corporations with values contrary to their own, out of touch with their hearts, reacting moment by moment to unhealed hurts and abuses from childhood, not delivering the work that emerges from their souls.


    Our planet is sadly rich in the works of uninitiated 'adult' men and women. (I write this on 24 February, 2022, hours after Vladimir Putin invades the Ukraine.)


    Something else is possible. Adulthood is possible. An Adult on a path of initiation can use their conscious anger, sadness, fear, and joy to take a stand for Love, for Possibility, for no more wars, for building villages, for cleaning up the oceans, for Extraordinary and Archetypal relationships, for protecting children, for doing something about the IUCN Red List, for saying “NO” to life-sucking, avarice-driven corporations, for healing the profound man-woman animosity and pain that arise from millenia of Patriarchy. These are the ecstatic, wild possibilities available to an Adult.


    I use Possibility Management for this work, because it is by far the clearest, most effective, most empowering context I have come across for transformation and authentic Adulthood initiation.

  • Rage Club

    The purpose of Rage Club is to radically change your relationship to anger so that you can use its energy and information to guide your life and fuel your actions.


    Modern culture deeply conditions us to believe that anger is bad, wrong, dangerous, unprofessional, uncivilized, embarrassing, ugly, violent, aggressive (for men), bitchy (for women), etc.


    Rage Club is an extremely safe learning environment where you can reconnect to your anger and begin using it in your life for setting boundaries, making distinctions, acting from our own clarity, holding space, maintaining integrity, implementing powerful intentions, taking a action, taking a stand for what you are here to create.


    Rage Club happens in 4-week groups both in-person and online. For information about Intro to Rage Club or Rage Club, please send a message to devingleeson4@gmail.com.

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  • Fear Club

    The overwhelming message about Fear in our culture is that it is something to be dominated, overcome, mastered, ignored, or healed. A similar sentiment is found even in New Age communities that claim that “Fear is the opposite of Love.” Wherever you go, the long and short story about Fear is that it is problematic and should be regarded as a design error in the human machine.


    In Fear Club you start from a completely different premise—that Fear is neutral energy and information whose intelligence you can use for your work, relationships, and life. During Fear Club, you learn to use your Fear to help you navigate intimacy, speak from and invent from Nothing, be precise, notice what usually goes unnoticed, and be a Mage in action.


    Fear Club happens in 4-week groups both in-person and online. For information about Intro to Fear Club or Fear Club, please send a message to devingleeson4@gmail.com.

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  • Gremlin Transformation

    Gremlin is the shadow part of you, the King or Queen of your Underworld. Uninitiated, Gremlin hinders your efforts at healing and transformation, sabotages your ability to have authentic intimacy, and numbs you so you never feel the ache of what it's like to live a life out of alignment with who you are. Yes, you pay a high price to have an uninitiated Gremlin.


    Gremlin can be initiated. This is the domain of Gremlin Transformation work. When your Gremlin is initiated, he or she stands at your side, ready to provide you with heretofore unseen possibilities, ready to help you spot and dodge other Gremlins, ready to go to the places and do the things that your Box and survival strategy can never do, all in service of your destiny. An Adult on a path of initiation needs this kind of relationship with their Gremlin to take on the big, wild projects that end up on their bench.


    Gremlin Transformation work happens in online and offline group spaces. For more information about Gremlin Transformation, please send me a message at devingleeson4@gmail.com, or click the fliers below to register.

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  • Possibility Coaching

    In Possibility Coaching sessions, I work 1:1 with clients using tools and skills from Possibility Management. These include (but are not limited to) Emotional Healing Processes, Memetic Engineering, introduction and use of energetic tools (Centering, Grounding, Bubbling, Black Holes, Disk of Nothing, Voice Blasters), and Past Life Processes. Because the specific needs of any individual at any given moment are so diverse and complex, ongoing innovation is often a part of sessions. That is to say, each session is unique.


    The purpose of this work is to cocreate a space with clients where, step by step, they experience the Healing and Transformational that is necessary for them to enter Adulthood, unfold their potential, and become their Destiny in action.


    Possibility Coaching sessions are sliding scale €150 - 300. To schedule a session, please reach out directly to devingleeson4@gmail.com.


    My Bright Principles are:







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    Articles for Transformation, Empowerment, Love, and Clarity

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